Our programs

Our courses are accessible with a simple smartphone. They are created by experts in their fields and we follow the best teaching practices based on cognitive & behavioral psychology and neurosciences.

  • We leverage the power of peer support: participants progress as a team and hold each other accountable.They are never left alone.
  • We connect daily with participants to keep them actively engaged.
  • We create step by step education journeys with tangible milestones and make learning fun.
  • We follow the “learning by doing” approach: we push participants to act now because change is not something you can learn but only experiment.

We provide free money management and personal growth courses and are currently creating vocational paid courses.

Our free money management and personal growth courses

  • Module 1 – Dare to Dream: 3-week course to prepare for the future, learn money management (budget, save, understand and avoid loans and investment scams), develop a positive mindset and communication skills and build self-confidence.
  • Module 2- Make it Happen: for students who have completed “Dare to Dream”- 1 year coaching course to help them reach their financial and personal goals.
  • Module 3 – Become a Leader: for students who have completed “Dare to Dream” and are actively engaged in “Make it Happen” – 2-week course to develop leadership skills and become an Uplifters team leader for “Dare to Dream” participants.

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