Uplifters is a non-for-profit startup providing online education to migrant domestic workers (“domestic helpers”). We want to help them make the most of their time abroad, plan and save for the future while developing their personal and professional skills. We are based in Hong Kong but welcome volunteers from everywhere as most of our work can be done online.

Our 3 missions:
1.  Build awareness with the blog and Facebook page www.thepersonbehindthemaid.com where we share anonymous stories of migrant domestic workers, their dreams and hopes for the future, what they like about their employers and what they don’t like so much…

2.  Create a strong and positive online community with the Facebook group More than Just a Maid. This group is for domestic workers only. We share inspiring articles, migrant domestic workers happy stories, tips to make the most of their stay abroad, invitations to events…It’s an upbeat and positive community focusing on opportunities to learn and grow.

3.  Offer online education. Our core program Dream & Dare is giving them financial education and self development skills because it’s not enough to know how to budget and save if you don’t dare saying no each time a family member asks you for money. This program is FREE and will be sponsored by paid vocational programs (Baby care, elderly care) currently under creation.

We have a lot of different projects and will make sure to find the one suiting you the most.

We are looking for:

  • Facebook users to help us managing our pages and groups
  • Marketing and communications experts
  • Class facilitators
  • Fluent English speakers to help us edit our content
  • People who know about video making
  • Health and Children experts (doctors / nurses / therapists / child educators…) happy to share their knowledge and contribute to classes’ creation.
  • People with experience in accounting, micro-entrepreneurship, investments in developing countries who could help create and facilitate classes on theses subjects.
  • Legal advice in Hong Kong and Singapore (copyrights, contracts, licenses…)
  • Web-developers who can help optimize our websites (WordPress) and advice on chat bots.
  • Other: don’t hesitate to share your ideas with us and your other skills that you think may be useful to us.

If you are interested, please contact us. Many thanks in advance for your precious help.