About us

Our mission: to empower migrant domestic workers through online education.

Despite working abroad, far from their families and children, most domestic workers do not lift themselves out of poverty. Only 6% of returned migrant domestic workers go back home because they feel they made enough money (Seefar – Report on Modern Slavery in East Asia, 2016). They face tremendous financial pressure, and need to be educated on how to avoid debt spirals and investment scams and how to prepare for the future.

Employers rely heavily on their domestic workers and may struggle to find someone with adequate professional skills. They want a reliable and stable domestic worker to take care of their household and loved ones.

We make education for migrant domestic workers more accessible. With our courses, they can develop personal and professional skills and make the most of their time abroad. We believe that women empowerment, education and community-based projects have the power to eradicate poverty and change lives.