Our programs

Our courses are created by experts and follow the best online teaching practices. They are accessible to anyone with a simple smartphone.

Our life skills courses are free, and our vocational courses (in production) are fee-based.

Uplifters’ money management and personal growth programme (free):

  • Module 1 – Dare to Dream: A 3-week course where students learn how to prepare for the future, manage their money (budget, save, recognise and avoid loans and investment scams), develop a positive mindset, improve their communication skills and build self-confidence.
  • Module 2 – Make it Happen: A 1-year coaching course designed to support students in reaching their financial and personal goals. (Open to those who have completed “Dare to Dream”.)
  • Module 3 – Become a Leader: A 2-week course to develop leadership skills and become an Uplifters team leader for “Dare to Dream” participants. (Open to those who have completed “Dare to Dream” and are actively engaged in “Make it Happen”.)

Read more about our free life skills courses.

How to join: 

  • Domestic workers: simply send a private message to our Facebook Page.
  • Employers: you can recommend that your domestic worker joins our Facebook Group Uplift Your Life, where she will get more information about our courses and additional advice on making the most of her time abroad.

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