What is true help for our loved ones?

Story time! The man and the butterfly

Why helping is not always the best option? This story will make you think twice before you offer your help…

Watch the video or read the story below

A little boy found a cocoon of a butterfly. One day a small hole appeared. He sat and watched the butterfly for several hours as it struggled to get out of the cocoon through that little hole. Until it suddenly stopped making any progress and looked like it was stuck. So, the man decided to help the butterfly.

He took a pair of scissors and removed the remaining bit of the cocoon. The butterfly then came out easily, although it had a weak body and small shrivelled wings.

The little boy didn’t think anything of it and sat there waiting for the wings to get bigger to support the butterfly. But that didn’t happen. The butterfly spent the rest of its life unable to fly, crawling around with tiny wings.

Despite the kind heart of the little boy, he didn’t understand that the cocoon and the struggle needed by the butterfly to get itself out were Nature’s way of preparing the butterfly for flying once it was out of the cocoon.

Our struggles in life develop our strengths. Without struggles we never grow and never get stronger, so it’s important for us to tackle challenges on our own, and not be relying on help from others. We must also be careful not to make others dependent on us.

And you, how did you develop your own wings? Do you let your loved ones develop their own wings as well or do you help them too much?

4 Replies to “What is true help for our loved ones?”

  1. For me if it’s too much relying on me I say no. If they are taking advantage on me ,even I feel ,bad I say no to them.

  2. My family always relying on me, but now i must start say no.
    And not make other dependent on me.
    Even slowly i want make sure can develop my wing,,
    My loves ones, / my family also i let develop their own wing as well, and not to much help them .

  3. I’m not independent person. I don’t depend on anyone but myself. I find ways to solve my problems on my own.
    My family, I taught them to grow their own wings by giving them only what they need. So if they want something, they need to work for it. Now they are on their own, flying high, spreading their own wings.

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